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end wine: A List Of The Most Prominent Grapes And Their Red Wines

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Drinking red wine is one thing but if you want to make the most of your liquid voyage, then you need to understand the types of red wine you’re drinking. Within this article we'll take you through the full spectrum of red wine varieties, describing the specific regions and grape varieties, such as Syrah, Cabernet and Zinfandel, you can purchase.

When reading the label of any red wine bottle you will find that if only one grape variety is mentioned on the packaging, such as Merlot, this is known as a varietal. Various types of red wine will have different flavours and when you have a varietal wine, the taste will largely dominated by the single grape variety used. Additionally, to help identify that the red wine you're holding is a varietal, the name of the grape of will contain an initial capital letter.

The following is a list of the most prominent grape varieties and their resultant red wines:

end wine: A List Of The Most Prominent Grapes And Their Red Wines


Syrah, as it's known amongst European wine producers, is a perfect accompaniment to hearty meat dishes such as beef, game and stews. Its origins lie in France and the Rhone Valley is a particular stronghold for the Syrah grape variety. However, you will also find California and Australia have a perfect climate for this red grape and are, thus, able to produce many types of red wine.

When sampling a Syrah red wine you'll be captivated by a cacophony of fruity flavours, most notably black fruits such as blackcurrants. Overarching these punchy flavours is a rich aftertaste with roasted meat highlights. This experience is completed by a hard-hitting tannin taste that provides a warm alcoholic finish to the drink.

Syrah is used to make many types of red wine that have an affordable price tag. However, because of its robust nature, it gives any red wine produced from it a deep taste it is also used for many high-end varieties. Indeed, if you enjoy a red wine that has a fantastic longevity and intense flavour then a Syrah is well worth a try.

end wine: A List Of The Most Prominent Grapes And Their Red Wines


If you're palate is unfamiliar with the refined and complex taste of various types of red wine then Merlot is a great introductory tipple. A perfect accompaniment to almost any type of food, Merlots have a soft texture that sits well with both new drinkers and seasoned red wine enthusiasts.

This red grape variety has a major influence in the Bordeaux wine region. However, it's also a major international player, with blooming Merlot crops filling vineyards in Italy, Romania, Chile, California and Australia. Indeed, this grape is the fourth most prolific variety in the world and used to create many types of wine across a plethora of cultures.

Merlot has a fantastic nose and if you take the time to sniff the scents of a red wine made with this grape you’ll pick up a range of fruity notes. Plum is a major note emanating from the wine, as well as a mixture of herbal flavours. Unlike other types of red wine, Merlots generally have a soft taste in the mouth due to their low tannin composition. This makes then a much more rounded wine, but one that can have a gap when passing over the middle of the palate.

Cabernet Sauvignon

When considering types of red wine, the many connoisseurs of this world commonly hail Cabernet Sauvignon as the best. Because of this red wine's oak treatment and blending with Cabernet Franc and Merlot, it flows perfectly with unspoilt red meats such as beef.

Found where the soil is perfect for red grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon is grown across the world and regularly contributes to a region's best types of red wine. Northern Germany, the Médoc wines of France, California, Australia and Chile all provide the perfect proving ground for this type of red wine.

When sampled in its infancy, a classy Cabernet Sauvignon will reveal a full-bodied taste to the palate. It will also contain a decent amount of polyphenols which create a gripping sensation on the tongue. As this wine matures you’ll discover a much smoother taste. Polyphenols polymerize over time, allowing the once subtle currant notes to permeate through and give a much fruiter taste.

Pinot Noir

The more complex the production process, the more sophisticated and complete a red wine will be. There are a few types of red wine that fit this description and Pinot Noir is one of them. Notoriously difficult to grow, this grape variety creates a smooth wine that is rarely blended.

Because of its subtle and complex flavours this wine is best appreciated with lighter meat dishes; usually ones that contain salmon or chicken. If you're looking for one of the best wines from the Burgundy region of France then look no further than their Pinot Noirs. Beyond this old world producer, California and New Zealand Pinot Noirs are also extremely highly rated.

The main characteristic of a Pinot Noir is its freshness. Unlike a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Pinot Noir red wine contains soft tannins that create a fruity experience on the palate. Added to that is a hint of subtle flavours such as the tea leaf.


The Zinfandel is a veritable "jack of all trades" in the wine world. In addition to making a white variety, this grape can also produce a series of heavy red wines. Because of its versatility, the best food pairings for wines made using this grape depending on the heaviness of the product. For Zinfandel red wines you can confidently serve a variety of grilled and barbecued meats.

This grape is only found in California and, thus, represents a major player in this market's types of red wine.

Because the grape can produce a range of wines, you get a real mixture of flavours on the palate. A zesty opening is often followed by the deep, somewhat creamy, texture of berries. A final note of pepper also creates a distinctive drinking experience.


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