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Regis From 'The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine' Is Coming To 'Gwent'

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Gwent, the card game based in the same world as The Witcher series, is getting a major expansion, and it includes at least one character from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood And Wine.

Crimson Curse is adding a ton of new cards to Gwent, over 100, and at least 12 new keywords for card behaviour. For instance, appropriately, considering the expansion is all about vampires, there are cards that inflict Bleeding on your enemies - a status effect that causes afflicted troops to lose one health at the end of each turn.

Other keywords coming in Crimson Curse include Deathblow (an ability that triggers if the card destroys a unit); Poison (if you can stack two poisons on a card it is instantly destroyed); and Dominance (an ability that is triggered if you control the highest unit). These and the other new keywords should introduce a wealth of tactical options in games.

From a story perspective, while Gwent isn't the most natural game to continue the story of The Witcher series, we'll see at least one character familiar to gamers return, and a couple of characters from the book appear, who we've not seen before in the interactive medium.

It makes sense that Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy (Regis to his friends) would appear in Crimson Curse. He is a higher vampire, after all. In the Witcher 3 expansion he plays a major role and is a close ally of Geralt, helping him track down Dettlaff, another vampire that Regis is bound to. He's also a common companion in the books that inspired the video games. In Gwent it appears that Regis is less in control of himself - his card is simply called 'Regis: Bloodlust' and any enemy he kills is banished from the board and can't be resurrected.

Regis has had better days.

Regis has had better days.

Characters from the novels that haven't turned up in The Witcher games yet include the dryad Fauve, who escorted Dandelion through the Brokilon forest, and Coodcoodak (or Eylembert), a baron famous in the novels for being able to mimic animals. Look, not *everyone* can go around hunting monsters - some people have to make do with lesser talents.

The Crimson Curse is due out on on March 28. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter if you plan on picking it up, or to tell us what you want next from the Witcher series, in terms of video games.

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