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Health Benefits of Wine Page

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Wine Health Benefits Page


Who Knew Something So Good, Could Be Good For You?

Almost 20 years ago, for those of us old enough to remember, 60 minutes reported on the health benefits of consuming red wine in moderate levels.

"60 minutes" dubbed the story “The French Paradox.” The story line went something like this:

"The French have one of the highest overall smoking rates of any country, they consume more saturated fats, such as milk, cheese, and butter, than any other culture and yet they have the lowest rate of coronary related deaths. The French are also a culture that regularly consumes a glass or two of red wine with meals every day; could there be a beneficial casual relationship?"

Ever since that report, researchers and medical health professionals on both sides of the pond, have continued to report that moderate consumption of wine has healthy lifestyle implications, for most people.

Of course they all throw in the proverbial caveats of checking with your Doctor to make sure your body can tolerate reasonable amounts of alcohol. Any alcohol consumption is counter-indicated for individuals who are prone to alcoholism, diabetes, or have liver problems.

Otherwise enjoy!



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