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Ben on Wine: You get what you pay for

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Ben on Wine: You get what you pay for

By Bennet Bodenstein

Oct 18, 2019 Updated 20 hrs ago

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There is an area in Italy, located at the foothills of the Alps, called Alto Adige that is the total antithesis of Italy, the Italian character and even Italian wine.

Once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the area was ceded to Italy after the First World War and was previously known as Sud (South) Tyrol.

This area, like Alsace in France, is totally Germanic in language (although they also can speak Italian and many of the towns still have Germanic names), dress, appearance, character and everything else Germanic.

Another area of deviation is their wines.

The vineyards of Alto Adige are blessed by the mineral-ladened water that flows from the Alps, imparting to the wines their signature mineral background.

Among the top wine producers of the region is Ailos Lageder and every one of their wines that I have sampled have been interesting, outstanding and should be experienced.

I also realize that some of these wines are a bit costly, but you don’t get a Tesla for the price of a Kia Soul.

Ailos Lageder 2017 Schiava Römigberg ($70). The Schiava grape is little known outside of the Germanic countries. It is a novel and interesting variety for it more closely resembles a white wine than a red. Wine made from the Schiava grape, is a light bodied, light colored wine (not rosé color but a bit darker) that displays a berry fruit aroma and a raspberry and spice flavor followed by a fruity, moderately long finish. Because of its Tyrolean ancestry, the Ailos Lageder 2017 Schiava Römigberg is the perfect wine to accompany the cold cuts that the Germanic people love, as well as with cheese or bacon based foods and anything usually associated with red wines. To put it more simply, the Ailos Lageder 2017 Schiava Römigberg is a bratwurst's best friend and a great departure from the “same old thing.”

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