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Health risks around trying to drink your way out of COVID

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While the feelings of stress and anxiety around the coronavirus pandemic can be addressed in different ways, such as exercise and meditation, data suggests that drinking more alcohol is one area that many people are increasingly turning to. Taking the U.S. as an example, wine sales have increased by 66 percent, beer sales by 42 percent, and online sales of all alcohol have jumped 243 percent. However, this type of bottoms-up binge comes with a social and health cost. Commenting on the health risks, Professor Anthony Dukes, at USC Marshall School of Business, says: "With the social distancing restrictions of COVID-19, we’re seeing online (alcohol) sales increasing, an increase in demand, and restaurants are looking for ways to capitalize on the demand. It’s a perfect storm." Looking at this deeper, another USC expert, Professor Daryl Davies, states that suicide and domestic violence are more likely during bouts of alcohol or substance abuse, as on example of the negative effects of increased alcohol consumption. These issues have become more prominent during lockdown and as people's concerns about the economic impacts of the spread of COVID-19 increase. As well as financial stress, the rise in drinking is also caused by an increase in social stress. For many people, the self-isolation process is very stressful. It is also a source of boredom. Stress and isolation can make a relapse more likely for someone recovering from addiction or an eating disorder, With the health implications from increased drinking, as alcohol consumption can weaken a person's immune systems, any person with problematic drinking behaviors can be amongst the most vulnerable populations for contracting and suffering with the worst symptoms of COVID-19.


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