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Iconic winemaker visits Fiji

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Fiji Winemaker Iconic Visits

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Iconic winemaker visits Fiji

Iconic winemaker visits Fiji

Iconic winemaker visits Fiji

Iconic winemaker visits Fiji Saturday, 12 January 2019, 1:43 pm
Press Release: Motibhai Group of Companies

The head of Australia’s leading family owned wine company – Taylors Wines is impressed with the beauty of Fiji and the friendliness of the Fijian people.

Mitchell Taylor who is the third-generation managing director and winemaker of Taylors Wines is currently in the country for a short holiday with his family.

Riding on the success of hundreds of international wine awards and special recognitions, Taylors Wines is an iconic Australian brand and a prominent member of the Australia's First Families of Wine (AFFW) which is an association of twelve of the most celebrated family names in Australian wine that have come together in an initiative to take the heart and soul of Australian wine to the world.

“For three generations our family have crafted great Australian wines in the Clare Valley, South Australia,” Mr Taylor said.

“We understand that truly great wines are made in the vineyard and that the art of fine winemaking is to respect and capture the essence of the vineyard site and to highlight the unique varietal expression of each grape variety,” he added.

An enjoyable 90 minute drive north of Adelaide, the Taylor family winery is located at the southern end of the Clare Valley.

Mr Taylor says while the company has received over 4500 medals awarded at prestigious wine competitions around the world, the recognition as the World’s No.1 Winery by the World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists in the 2017 World Ranking of Wines & Spirits was one of the most adorable achievements out of all.

“The most recent achievement for our company was in November last year when the world’s largest wine show – AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge which was held in Austria and known as the Oscars of wine crowned our 2015 Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon as the best cabernet in the world,” Mr Taylor informed.

“Australia produces some of the world’s most incredible wines and recent success in global competitions prove this. I know my grandfather, Bill Taylor Snr, who first planted cabernet on our family estate back in 1969, would be extremely proud that his determination has stood the test of time.”

While in Fiji Mr Taylor wishes to make many friends and take back home fond memories of our island paradise.

“I take this opportunity to thank the management of Motibhai Group for being an excellent Fijian partner for us over the years and our relationship seems to be getting stronger every year. We look forward to building on the sales and distributions in the Fiji market.”

Motibhai Group executive director Bhupendra Patel said the company is proud of its association with such an iconic and celebrated wine company of Australia.

“Mitchell seems to be having a wonderful holiday in Fiji with his lovely wife and we wish him all the best for his leisure time here.”

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Iconic winemaker visits Fiji

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Iconic winemaker visits Fiji

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Iconic winemaker visits Fiji

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Iconic winemaker visits Fiji

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