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Buccia Winery hosts grand opening

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CONNEAUT — Everything old was new again on Friday night, as a newly renovated Buccia Winery hosted its ribbon cutting ceremony.

Bill Holden bought the winery in 2018 from Fred and Joanna Buccia, and since then has renovated the property.

“I’ve been a lifelong wine fan, at least since I was of age,” Holden said. Holden grew up in Pierpont, and is a graduate of Edgewood High School. Holden lived in Nashville for some time, before moving back to the area and buying Buccia. In Nashville, he was president of the Nashville Jazz Workshop.

Since taking over, Holden has worked to establish Buccia as a music venue, with live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

Numerous local, county, and state elected officials were present at Friday night’s event, with State Representative John Patterson and County Commissioner Casey Kozlowski presenting Holden with certificates.

“I was really happy to see all the elected officials,” Wendy DuBey, the executive director of the Conneaut Chamber Commerce, said. She praised Holden, as well.

“He could’ve gone anywhere,” DuBey said.

On Friday, launched a new wine label, Northcoast Cellars, made with vinifera grapes, which are uncommon in this region.

Vinifera grapes are not as resistant to cold and disease, making them harder to grow in this region, Holden said.

Holden has worked to learn the art of wine-making from the Buccias, along with Arnie Esterer, a local vitner, according to the Chamber of Commerce.

Northcoast Cellars currently includes chardonnay, pinot gris, riesling, and pinot noir. The label was previewed at the Chamber of Commerce’s annual dinner in February.

Much of the renovations to the winery were done in the winter of 2018, after Holden acquired the property.

Food and drinks were served at the event, along with live music by Carol Procas.

After the ribbon-cutting itself, Holden joked with members of the Chamber’s board as he returned the ceremonial scissors he used. “I don’t get to keep these?” Holden said.

Holding the bow from the ribbon-cutting, Holden said he was pleased with the event. “It’s really nice to kinda commemorate things,” he said.

When asked what’s next, Holden smiled. “I’ve got so many ideas,” he said.


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