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Wine 4.0.1 Released With 44 Fixes

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Wine with released 4.0.1 Fixes

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Wine 4.0.1 Released With 44 Fixes

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For those with reasons sticking to formal Wine stable releases as opposed to the feature-progressing Wine bi-weekly snapshots, Wine 4.0.1 is now the latest and greatest.

Wine 4.0 debuted in January as the newest annual release of Wine. This first Wine 4.0 point release has just over three dozen fixes.

Fixes in Wine 4.0.1 affect games like Theatre of War 3, The Bard's Tale, Shadow of War, and others. Applications like GOG Galaxy, Windows Media Player 7.1, and other software has also seen fixes.

A full list of the 44 fixes to find with Wine 4.0.1 can be found via today's release announcement on WineHQ.org.

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Wine 4.0.1 Released With 44 Fixes

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