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Xinjiang winery aims for bigger market

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Wine Tiansai

Tiansai wine [Photo provided to China Daily]

International award-winning winery, Tiansai, has signed a strategic agreement with Shenzhen-based Alliance Art Group on May 16 to promote its products among more Chinese consumers.

The winery known in English under the label Skyline of Gobi, will rely on the Shenzhen company's countrywide outlets and venues to show customers the charm of its products.

Tiansai was founded in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region in 2010 and its products have made their way to the UK, France, Japan and Singapore, being sold at international five-star hotel chains and even by globally renowned café brand, Starbucks.

"With continuous improvement and stabilization of Tiansai's product quality over the past two years, our output is gradually able to satisfy greater market demands," says Chen Lizhong, owner of Tiansai.

"However, we need the support and participation of professional distribution channels to make customers think of, see and drink our products," Chen adds.

The Shenzhen company runs a large network of entertainment facilities and has sold 5 million bottles of imported wine since last year.

"This cooperation is a landmark event in China's wine industry," says Wang Qi, vice-chairman of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association.

"It's also a good start for popular (distribution) channels to recognize exquisite Chinese wine," Wang says.


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