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Those Who Cant Paint, Splat: New Art Jamming Pop

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Those paint cant Jamming Splat

For those still healing from the trauma of being laughed at while doodling in Pictionary, here’s a new spot in town for you!

The week-old Splat Paint House stands in stark contrast to the wave of destruction-themed venues that have opened across the island in recent years, including The Fragment Room and Axe Factor, said founder Andrea Lim.

“It could be compared to the art jamming trend in Singapore, but unlike those, there are no rules, or copying of pictures. Here, people are encouraged to create, not destroy,” she said.

Those Who Cant Paint, Splat: New Art Jamming Pop

The startup’s pop-up space opened on Jun 22 and will occupy its second-storey space at creative co-working space MOX for two months.

A project under startup generator The Creative Square Company, Splat Paint House will transit to a permanent location if the two-month pop-up proves successful.

That measure of success depends on the number of new and returning visitors, said Andrea.

Those Who Cant Paint, Splat: New Art Jamming Pop

Image: Splat Paint House

The earliest iteration of Splat Paint House began a “couple of years ago” from a spare room in her friends’ warehouse space in Portland, Oregon. Run on a pay-as-you-wish model, friends were invited to go wild in the dedicated splatter paint zone.

“Portland is a city with lots of creative types and casual places like this. As a non-artist, it always felt extremely liberating to still be able to create cool pieces without much skill, and I am convinced many other Singaporeans would feel the same.”

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