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Wine: Med labels at the top of competition won by California

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Wine California labels competition

(ANSAmed) - NAPLES, DECEMBER 16 - The top place of the 2019 ranking of best wines drafted by vinepair.com, one of the most well-known websites on wine, has gone to a Californian wine.

However, Mediterranean labels were among the best wines worldwide with three labels among the top five wines in the ranking.

The first prize went to a wine produced in Napa Valley, California, the Chateau Montelena 2016 Chardonnay, a famous wine since 1976, when it made the Californian valley known worldwide during a tasting known as the ''Paris blind tasting''. In Paris, great enologists from France and the US chose the Chardonnay from Napa Valley as the best.

Mediterranean wines, however, won the second and third spot, respectively with a Spanish and Italian label.

The second position went to ''La ruja de rozas'' from 2017, a Spanish red produced in the central Spanish region of Sierra de Gredos. The wine was praised also for its price, 25 dollars a bottle, or half the price of the Californian Chardonnay. An Italian red ranked third, the Taurasi Radici 2014, produced by Mastroberardino. It was praised by experts also for the producers' work in preserving local vines of Campania, a region that won the top prize, beating regions of great wine-producing tradition like Tuscany and Piedmont. The fourth place went to another American label, the Viognier produced in Virginia, while the fifth sport was won by another Italian wine, the 2017 Nebiolo Langhe in Vajra. The top French wine was only in seventh position, the 2012 Chateau Fonplegade produced in the region of Bordeaux. (ANSAmed).


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