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SEO Trends for 2020 that Your Winery Needs to Know

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There’s nothing like search engine optimization to provide your winery with a steady stream of customers ready to taste and buy your wine. However, in order to optimize your winery website for search, you’re going to need a few tricks up your sleeve.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about winery SEO in 2020. From recent developments to applicable tips, you’ll become a lot more competitive.

If we could explain SEO in three words for 2020, it would be:




And if you want to optimize your winery website for search, you should keep them in mind as we traverse the road leading us to the brave new world of search.

First, video and visuals are powerful. People remember information gauged through visual stimuli more than written information. You could say our brains are wired to remember visuals better than texts.

Secondly, we’re increasingly using our phones to search for things we’re interested in. Mobile accounts for almost 50% of web traffic. If your potential customer starts thinking about joining a wine club, they’re not going to wait to get home. Instead, they’ll pull up the information they need on their phone.

And finally, your customers know exactly what they’re looking for, and they expect your content to match their intent. 46% of searches have local intent, and for every personalized piece of content, your chances of winning new customers increase.

So, how do you make sure that your customers don’t just find your website, but stick around and buy your wine?

Understanding Search Intents

Let’s say your potential customer is going back home from work, and there’s nothing they’d like more than to unwind with a glass of their favorite wine. They don’t have wine at home, and they can’t stop at the grocery store. So they remember something a friend once mentioned: wine clubs with free trials. They pull up their phone and type in the following search query:

“Wine club free trial.”

They’ll be met with the following results:

Which one do you think they’ll click on?

Likely, one of the first two. They explicitly match the searcher’s intent.

The customer came to the search looking for wine clubs with free trials, and these search results provided exactly that.

If they click through, they’ll love TastingRoom’s site.

The landing page completely matches the intent, offers discounts, and provides ample room for personalization according to customer preferences.

How to Optimize Your Winery Website for Search Intents

Every keyword comes with an embedded search intent:

“What are wine clubs?” & “Best wine clubs 2019” Informational intent. Your potential customers want to educate themselves.

“Tasting Room wine club” Navigational intent. The customer already knows which wine club they want to join.

“Wine club free trial” Transactional intent. The customer wants to join a wine club immediately.

In order to boost your sales, you should focus on transactional keywords and search queries such as:

Wine club free shipping

Wine club free trial

Join a wine club

Wine clubs [your (shipping) area]

Wine club membership

Wine club subscription

Any search query that contains keywords signaling that the searcher is ready to join a wine club should be considered.

Take it a step further by creating relevant landing pages.

For example, if your potential customer searches for “wine club membership Napa” and sees the following search result (which matches their intent), they’ll expect the landing page to follow suit, reiterating what was promised in the search:

Out of these four results, the first one matches the intent.

The other three either redirect to other irrelevant pages, making the searcher lose interest.

However, Wine Shop sends searchers to a relevant landing page.

Make sure you match searcher intent in your search results, as well as on your landing pages.

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