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The Basics of Tasting Wine

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The Basics of Tasting Wine

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Tasting wine doesn't have to be an intimidating event for the beginner! Come on, its drinking wine, its supposed to be fun. So, first and foremost, don't get stressed about going to your first wine tastings or hosting a wine tasting. However, there are some basics about how to taste wine that can help you get started. Once you know the basic process and what you are looking for in general, you are ready to start exploring and getting more specific about wines. Here are the basic steps in tasting wine. After you are done here, go on to learn more about the specific components of tasting wine.

The Steps of Tasting Wine

Other Tips on Tasting Wine

Take Notes! - Taking notes and discussing your wine are important steps in tasting wine. The simple act of putting your impressions into words helps you to focus on the wine and be critical of its individual components. It helps you to focus on the nuances of the wine, not just the overall impression.

Start a Wine Tasting Journal - A great way to take notes and keep them organized so that you can refer back to them is to start a wine tasting journal. There are wine tasting journals produced specifically for that purpose with a template pre-printed on each page. Alternatively, you can use any journal or diary type book to keep your notes. Simply write the date, the name and vintage of the wine, followed by your notes about the wine's color, aroma and flavors. You can even give scores to each wine you taste!

Use a Wine Tasting Flavor Wheel - For the beginner who is not used to pulling specific descriptors (like "It smells like orange blossoms next to a field of wild raspberries!") out of thin air to describe a wine, a wine tasting flavor wheel helps you to focus your attention. It lists the different categories of aromas and flavors and gives examples for you to think about to see which fit the wine you are tasting. Once you get a little experience you won't need this anymore, but it really helps in the beginning!

That's it! I hope this helps you get started tasting wine. Be sure to go back to learn more about the specific components of How to Taste Wine.

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