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Wine Events That Work

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Wine Events That Work  

'Variety is the spice of life' is the best advice for client corporate events.  A wine tasting event is no exception; it has to be right for the group you have in mind. And it should ring the changes on what you have done before.  Formats need to entice and be different.  So to get the creative juices flowing, here's a selection of Scala's Wine Events That Work.  We know they work - we've organised and presented these and variations on them many times.   We have the most extensive repertoire in the business and generate new ideas by the week.  Each format can be tweaked, depending on what you want to pull off.  And we often design original events from scratch.

The Side Show For conferences, seminars or away days.  Clients break away from an end of day session into a tasting area set up with a range of high quality wines with pourers and a wine expert on hand to chat informally about the wines and any wine issue people wish to dicuss.  Very relaxed.

Fine Wine Selection Best for smallish groups, seated, with a short selection of very fine wines, perhaps from a single famous estate or one country.  Canapés or food served after.  Introduction and commentary from Scala's wine expert on each wine and relaxed discussion.  It's astonishing how wide ranging the questions and interest.

The Walk-Around Tasting Very effective way for in-house hosts to socialise with clients - short introduction and then tasters go at their own speed.  Food on hand. Concluding Q&A but wine expert also circulates to discuss the wines throughout.

One Night Wine School You will not have realised how much you can learn about wine in one night.  Q&A too where anything goes and no question too embarrassing to ask.

Win Your Own Wine Party Seated teams pit their wits (and not just their wine wits) against each other to answer questions and carry out tasks by tasting wines blind in pairs.  Each pair forms a round of the game.   If you manage to spot Chateau Margaux or champagne against any old fizz, you may end up winning a great case of wine for your team's own private party.  Very flexible format and by no means only for wine buffs.

The Mock Wine Auction Teams with equal funds bid for wines and then discover what they will be worth in 10 years time.  The biggest bank by the end wins.

Charity Events All our formats work brilliantly as fund-raisers.

Knit Your Own Corporate Wine Course You get the group together.  We will meet you all at your office and discuss just what you want for the needs of the whole group.  For beginners to connoisseurs - you choose the level.   Each week we'll bring the wines, the glasses and the expert presenter - you supply the venue.

Follow the Flags Teams visit tables adorned with the country colours which identify only the origin of the blind wines on the table - solve riddles from this basic clue as you tour the room and the best team wins.

The Story of Champagne A fascinating and truly de luxe tasting showing the whole range of Champagne's styles with high quality examples.  Parallel presentation tracing the story of the most successful wine region in the world.

The Best Blind Imagine being able to taste a selection from top wines of the world.  The added fun is we begin blind just to see if you can tell La Lagune from La Tache and your Dom Perignon from your Domaine Chandon.

Price Wars Taste a selection of blind wines and decide how much you'd willingly pay for each one.  Scores are based on how far out your team is and teams can win the most expensive wines.  The running commentary can be a fun wine educational in itself.

A Bid With Me Educational evening for smallish groups - how to buy wine at auction.  We'll send you the catalogue for an evening sale at Christies South Kensington, attend their sale with your group and then go for a private room meal at a nearby restaurant where we'll answer questions and debrief you on the mysteries of wine at auction.  You can even opt to discuss with a professional auctioneer.

Wine Dinners For groups large or small.  Scala will organise the whole shooting match in close consultation with you.  You are guaranteed lovely food, exclusive service, brilliant wines and an expert short commentary on the wines chosen with each course.  Believe us, we know the best places to go!

Blind Man's Wine Bluff With the room in teams, each team takes a turn to read a range of tasting notes for the wines we taste blind.  The team that tells TRASH from TRUE most, wins a lovely burgundy coloured anorak each, umm, sorry, a case of champagne.


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