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Mumbai Food 2016: Best and worst of the year(4)

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Thumbs down
What's the hype about? One of the most surprising damp squibs of the year was Jamie's Pizzeria, a QSR chain by the legendary Brit chef Jamie Oliver, which opened in High Street Phoenix. It left us disappointed with its underwhelming pizzas and overpriced bruschettas.

A trend that needs to die: It has to be the mismatched Indo-Western fusion that many restaurants and patisseries are getting away with, be it dotting cheesecakes with bits of gulab jamun or dousing pastas with desi makhani sauce.

Bad adaptation: Unless you've been living under a rock or don't own an Instagram account, you'd know what a bao is. The Chinese version of the steamed buns have been bastardised into tacos, which come in all colours, and are filled with the most bizarre ingredients like raw bananas and pear ganache. Can our chefs adapt the methods along with the fare, please?

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