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What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage?

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What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage?

Wine? Beer? Spirits? While many of us have a favorite drink of choice, we are fickle. What's in our glass often depends on where we are and what we're doing. For example, beer is the favorite at picnics, while wine is tops for fine dining and spirits are preferred while flying. That's the word from a Harris Poll of 2,060 adults aged 21 or older that determined that our choice of adult beverages is very much skewed to the situation.

Find out 10 of the finest words for drinking--from ''jingled'' to ''crapulous."

Fun facts to know and tell:
Whether we're drinking at home, in a restaurant or a bar, spirits are the first choice, followed by beer and distantly followed by wine.

Overall, men prefer beer, while women opt for wine or spirits.

Beer is the beverage of choice for picnics, sporting events and concerts.

Wine is the top choice for fine dining, work events and brunch.

Spirits are most likely to be ordered at bars and on airplanes.

When it comes to spirits, the winners are vodka, whiskey, rum and tequila.

Beer drinkers most prefer non-craft domestic brews, followed by craft beers and import beer.

Wine choices are very much segregated by age. Those 21 to 35 prefer sparkling wines and sangria, while the taste for table wine increases with age.

What type of drinker are you? From ''Mr. Hyde'' to ''Mary Poppins,'' find out four drunk personalities.

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