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IPA Fans Find Xmas Joy in Paris

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Paris find Fans Xmas

We returned to Paris for the umpteemth time over Xmas. Our two adult children were flying in at some overlapping times, and we had landed a pretty good apartment in the 8th from which to meet our touring goals for the week.

Two of our goals were to find a decent IPA at a Paris bar and to stock our frig with IPAs since we'd never be able to find a decent cafe in which to drink one (we found out differently). Yes, one could go to one of the Frog beer/bar establishments in Paris, but we've never cared for their beer or their food.

After our dinner out our first night, our youngest, who had spent a semester in France, said, "I'm thinking we'll find some Marais bar that will have an IPA for us." Sure enough, we got off the Metro at St. Paul's and the lights of Stolly's Stoned Bar, right off the Rue de Rivolo at 16 rue Cloche-Perce, beckoned to us. Packed with Brits, Canadians, Irish, and Americans, this tiny dive bar welcomed us with a good Twisted Thistle IPA from the Bellhaven brewery. ABV? 5.6% Portion size? HUGE, thus defeating the low ABV. We had a great time.

Once we had apartment WiFi hooked up the next day, we looked for a craft beer store along our Metro Line 1 that was open on Dec 24. We settled on La Moustache Blanche, 16, rue des Tournelles, 75004.

It was open! The owner, who spoke English, was simply a dear. He asked us what type of beers we liked and then he asked us what hops we preferred (OMG--we get a choice???). All three of us shouted, "MOSAIC!". He laughed, and he steered us towards several choices. We bought five different types, and after tasting them back in the apartment, we can tell you that our favorite was the French Crazy Hops Brewery's Mosaïc Boombastic. Strong on the hops, not bad on the ABV (6.3%), it fit our flavor and ABV profile.

When we remarked that we wished we could eat AND drink IPAs, he told us to head for Express de Lyon by the Gare de Lyon. He feared, though, that it would be closed. And he took it upon himself to call the restaurant. Yes, it was closed--and we did a quick trip to Gare de Lyon to check the hours for ourselves. Darn--it would not open until Monday. And our new fave beer store would not open on Monday.

We ate traditional food and drank traditional wine over the holiday weekend, portioning out our new favorite beer among us within the apartment, but by Monday, we reported directly to the Express de Lyon
1 Rue de Lyon, 75012

before lunch.

Beer on tap? FIVE IPAs! Two were Imperials (we do not do Imperials), but in the mix was the Boombastic Mosaic. Yeah!!!

We would find a way to return here three more times before my husband and I went home. The food was typical French cafe food, which was fine by us. The service was great--they grinned ear to ear every time we came in, and by our last two stops, our beer was waiting for us before we could submit our food order.

And of course, we made sure to stop back at the La Moustache Blanche once it reopened Tuesday to restock the fridge.

There is quite a craft beer scene in Paris now, and there are many websites offering insights. But we were quite happy with our new favorite IPA, new favorite beer store, and new favorite bar/cafe. It's pretty sweet when one Metro line provides all!

Wishing you Happy Hops Forever,


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