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Ting to Talk Nadia Batson

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The trinidad Guardian / ​If you ask soca sensation Nadia Batson what’s the most distinguishing feature about her, she will definitely boast about the "smile lines" that encircle her lips. "I love to laugh and find joy in everything that goes on around me; that’s just me, bubbly Nadia," Batson (soon-to-be George) explained.

But this is nothing new with Batson since she describes herself as an open book. In fact almost everything Batson does, she shares it with her fans via social media, which her fans readily accept. "I share so much on my social media that I think this is what keeps my fans connected to me. I am very quirky and down-to-earth. Even if I am cooking or just taking a wine in the kitchen, my fans are allowed to see that."

It is something her fans enjoy because it’s more than just the music she shares. "I always tell people the trick in this business is not to get people to like the music but for fans to get to know and love the individual, that way they stick by you," explained Batson.

How did she first start singing? She says: "My first experience was singing in Arabic while I attended St Joseph TML (a Muslim school). When my teachers realised the potential I had, they encouraged me to sing. I was also involved in the arts with singing and dancing because I followed the lead of my mother Helen Williams Batson, who was also involved in the arts as an actress and writer".

Batson continued her singing straight into secondary school, where she entered singing contests such as their calypso competitions.

Fast forward to the present day, and she is now one of T&T’s leading female soca acts. With riveting performances and despite negative comments from a few, Batson embraces her size, whether full figured or not, and takes pleasure in her look.

In fact, Batson believes that she represents "what a regular Trini girl would look like just in terms of my size; and I think that it basically allows any woman to look at me and realise that you do not have to be any particular size to look hot."

This was also her greatest life lesson amongst her fan comments, as she had to learn how to understand and love herself.

Batson, who loves movies (comedy and romance) and cooking, is a brand ambassador for Orchard and also owns the all-female band SASS. This band has been around for five years and counting. Even though Batson believes the reviews of the band are still great, she comments: "SASS is more appreciated regionally and internationally than locally."

She recognises that "the market is a bit saturated, the band is still new and we are still paying our dues." Even thought the band may not be everywhere she is performing, fans can still see them at events such as Battle of the Sexes and Ladies Night Out.

Batson, with David Dewer, has also designed and launched a Monday Wear Line, HIMAYA, which has been in the making for many years. "I like fashion and I wanted to mix fashion with mas and I also wanted to put out a line that can cater for not only full-figured women but women who do not want to be too revealing on the road."

She said responses were "so phenomenal" that she has received requests from individuals as far as Japan, Uganda and Australia who are coming to play mas. With the new craze of Monday Wear and dressing up, Batson’s designs are right up this alley. "And the best part about it is that this wear caters to anyone," she says.

Batson is also about to hold her first children’s show, Carnival Adventure by Aunty Nadia, which will be held February 12 at Presentation Grounds, San Fernando from 2 pm – 7 pm.

"I felt there was a need to have a children’s show in San Fernando because there was a void and the response has been good so far; people are really glad that they have something in the southland," Batson said.

"It’s a fun day for the kids, which will include plenty rides, slides, water entertainment, the inflatables, eats, drinks and much more. Some of the artistes to perform are Destra, MX Prime, Lyrikal, Sekon Sta, Terri Lyons and many others."

So far, her most popular songs right now are Cyah Talk To We and her female empowerment song, Replace. "We telling the men for 2017 that we don’t chase; we replace," she says. She also recently released a video for another release titled Ting To Talk.

As a result of expanding her brand, Nadia made a conscious decision not to partake in this year’s Soca Monarch, however, even though she has stepped down she stressed on the importance of the competition.

"I see a lot of value being in Soca Monarch and I always tell artiste especially those that are now coming into the business that this is the best stage and platform to get their name and brand out there. This is also one of the reasons I stepped down because if I don’t, I would not make room for others," Batson said.

​More info

If you want to get to know more about Batson, SASS the band, her Monday Line or jump on the fan train, then you can follow her via her social media links:

Instagram @ Nadia Batson, Nadia Batson. For more info or bookings, contact Erikkson George at 378-5373.

Names of songs released for 2017

Replace, Ting to Talk, Geelay Feat Olatunji, Talk To We. All written by Nadia Batson and produced by Martian Music.

Sponsors for the Children’s Show

Orchard, Smalta, Chuck E Cheese’s, Bakery Treats, Yogurt Land, Maria’s Bakery, Flavorite, Caribbean Airlines, Nesquik, Phats International.

Ting to Talk— Nadia Batson

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