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Drew Barrymore And Timothy Olyphant Helped These Fans Get Engaged In A Netflix Proposal

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These Timothy Netflix Fans Drew

Conor and Kamela have been together for six years. Like so many other people dating in the age of streaming, their first date included watching Netflix. As Conor started dreaming up how he wanted to ask Kamela to be his wife, he thought back to that first date. So, he enlisted the help of Netflix to pop the question — and it definitely delivered.

Kamela's favorite show right now is the Netflix-original series Santa Clarita Diet, a zombie comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. In what it's calling "The Big, Elaborate Secret Netflix Marriage Proposal," the stars helped Conor and Kamela get on the road toward to marriage. 

In an elaborate cover story for the surprise proposal, Kamela thought she was on a new reality show for Netflix. The idea for the fake reality show seems to be similar to the real Bravo show The People's Couch in which viewers watch other people watching TV. Kamela got her hair and makeup done, grabbed a glass of wine, and sat down with Conor to watch her favorite show. 

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But instead of watching Santa Clarita Diet, she watched Barrymore and Olyphant on a couch get into characters and talk about marriage. Then, Conor appeared on screen with the stars. That's when Kamela started to realize something was up. 

"This is not a show babe, this is not real. This is all for you," Conor said to a crying Kamela. "Babe, it's been awesome being your boyfriend, but if you're cool with it, I'd rather be your husband."

Watch the whole heartwarming video below:

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