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Ménage à Trois Red Wine Reviews Viewpoints.com

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Wine reviews Viewpoints.com nage Trois

A nice smooth velvet tasting red. A warm and full bodied with notes of black fruits and a bit of oak. Nicely balanced and quite enjoyable! It pairs well with beef and is not expensive.


Gig Harbor,



My favorite


I'm often disappointed by the new wines I've bought. But my first sip of "Midnight" left me euphoric. It was like drinking liquid velvet. The aroma, the color; not just wine, an experience. I've recommended it to many friends and they've all become fans too. You'd think I was selling it myself.


Walnut Creek, CA



Great lubrication for the weekend.


I love wine. I love being with a woman that loves wine. You put wine and a woman that loves wine together and more often than not you are gong to have a fun time. This little jewel of a red blend has proven to be a great investment for a lively weekend. It has a great flavor that isn't too overbearing. The acidity isn't too strong nor is it too tanic. Just perfect for someone that might not enjoy robust wines but enough flavor for those that do. Go buy it now, run don't walk!





A bottle blend but what a surprise


First off, I'm not a shill for this company. I'm an old geezer who enjoys his wine. I was searching the shelves of a local supermarket, looking for a new red at a reasonable price. I'd never tried a blend. Always doing the merlot, shariz, chardonnay pures. Of the few blends on the shelf, the name intrigued me. So why not, I said lecherously. Always wanted one of these! Wow! What a surprise! This wine is outstanding. My kids live in Napa Valley and eschew blends. I urged them to try Menage a trois. They bought a couple of cases. A week ago, in that same supermarket, a couple of tailgaters were looking for wines for the football game. I told them about it. They threatened me with mayhem if it was rot-gut. I gave them my phone number and told them to call me if they didn't like it. I said I'd take back all their unopened bottles. They called me and raved that even their wives (or girlfriends) loved it. Go ahead. Try it. I guarantee you'll be back for a second one. Or a case.





My second favorite menage a trois


This is my favorite red wine to mix with a small splash of 7-UP.. I put ice in the glass, fill it almost to the top with this wine, and then just put a small splash of 7-UP on top... It is GREAT... The three things: the cheap price, the nice flavor of the RED wine itself and the small splash of 7-UP... all combine to make this a Menage a Trois not to be sneezed at...Don't ask about my first favorite menage a trois... I have to admit, I'm the one turning RED in talking about THAT enjoyment...


Houston, TX



Menage a Trois wine is delicious


I love white wine and was not really a huge red wine lover until I tried Menage a Trois. This wine is absolutely delicious. It goes great with a nice steak salad. It's got a nice hint of sweetness. I don't feel like I needed to get used to it to like it, it immediately grew on me and I can drink it all the time now. I like having it with some nice pasta and just to relax when I get home from a long day. I'm so glad that someone introduced me to this wine and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good red wine. It's very affordable, and you are definitely getting more for your buck. I love having this wine and am always pleasantly surprised when my husband brings it home to me. It's a great color and looks good when poured and also tastes just as delicious. I actually am going to go home and have some tonight, now that I'm talking about it I'm craving it. Such a good wine and a great price.


Damascus, MD



Ménage à Trois Red Wine

4.8 6


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