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DIY Summer Coolers

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Can you feel the heat? Summer is here, and for us in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean we definitely need very chilled libations. In fact, anything delicious, boozy and frozen is required to endure and get past this heat. This week we focus on a few DIY (do it yourself) cocktails that will allow you to conquer the heat in a delicious and frozen way. For restaurants and hotels, frozen cocktails are money-makers but are also sweet deals for the customer as the drink lasts twice as long than an ordinary cocktail. The perception of frozen cocktails is that they are generally sweet, but you could consider a refreshing option instead to reduce the sugar intake.

What you will need

To create your frozen drink, you will need a blender, bar spoon, jigger (for measurements), an ice scoop and appropriate glassware. Then, consider what spirit you would like to use (rum, vodka, bourbon, whisky, tequila, brandy or gin). Your selected spirit or spirits must not exceed two ounces (combined), as we want to ensure that we are drinking responsibly. Please bear in mind that you could create a spirit-free version of the cocktail — we call this a mocktail or virgin drink. In addition, you will require some fruit to include fresh limes/lemons, liqueurs, fruit liqueurs, and simple syrup (clear syrup).

Featured Cocktails

The Daiquiri

A classic frozen cocktail is that of a frozen daiquiri, but what is a daiquiri? A daiquiri consists of rum, lime, and simple syrup. In proportions, you will need 1.5-2 oz of rum, ,asmr8cheongsam

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