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It's The Summer Of Tequila At Almond

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Tequila Summer Almond

Jul 10, 2019 9:13 AM

Staff Writer
Every summer there is an “it” liquor or cocktail, and Almond restaurant in Bridgehampton has declared this the Summer of Tequila! Based on popular demand, co-owner Eric Lemonides has dedicated the cocktail menu for summer of 2019 to tequila cocktails. It all started when Mr. Lemonides began to notice a trend in customers ordering tequila drinks and decided to run with it. Together with Almond bartenders Bobby Weissleder and Michael Christenson, the trio collaborated to come up with a menu featuring six tequila drinks, including “Same ‘ol Same ‘ol” (El Jimador Blanco tequila, Combier orange liqueur, fresh lime, salt) and the “Oaxaca Old Fashioned” (Milagro Reposado tequla, Montelobos mexcal, agave, orange bitters).

“We concocted these creations and we are batching them,” Mr. Lemonides said. “It translates to a perfect cocktail every time and quickly.”

The batched cocktails are on display behind the bar at Almond in oversized mason jars allowing for ease of service dispensing them right into the glass. The fun and whimsical idea started with Mr. Lemonides and the two Almond bartenders crystallized it.

Bottoms up!

Almond is located at 1 Ocean Road in Bridgehampton (almondrestaurant.com, 631-537-5665).


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