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There is a new type of DOC wine from the Asti region. It is a dry Moscato. Moscato is well known as a sweet wine however it can also be fermented as a dry wine. In order to produce something different and in competition with Prosecco, which comes from another region, some wine producers in the Asti region have applied for, and established, a new DOC (Denomination of Origin Certified) for a dry Moscato wine.

The wine that I am trying at the moment, despite the label "Extra Dry" I find more a semi-dry, certainly it has very strong fruity overtures of the Moscato grape, which is essentially a sweet grape when ripe.

It is very pleasant drinking and would be well suited to drink with something such as pandoro or panettone for someone who does not like dessert wines.

Segreto (Secret) Asti Extra Dry (12.5%)


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