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How a political talk show host deals with miracles...

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The Bench Sitters wanted to point out a few extra reasons all of us who have been blessed to live next to the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming.

It’s not just the open spaces, beauty of the area and multiple recreational opportunities.

Sometimes they think the biggest reason of all is found in how all these opportunities keep us so busy we can escape much of the never-ending rain of political opinions that now go on 365 days per year . . . every year.

While many candidates talk about the need for “civility and cooperation,” the loudest ones may lack that gift by the largest margin.

The other morning, a small group of the old guys were getting serious over coffee when one of them came up with comments we may have heard if Jesus was a candidate not popular with one of those “talk show” hosts.

Talking about the miracles of Jesus found in the Bible, this is what those remarks might have been . . .

Changing water into wine – “Several of the people serving at the party have disclosed a wagonload of wine had been smuggled into the dinner.”

Healing the Capernaum demoniac – “There was never a psychiatric examination of that guy to prove he had a problem in the first place.”

Healing Peter’s mother-in-law – “Obviously an inside deal.”

Catching a large number of fish – “Fishing without a valid license is a violation of law.”

Healing a leper, a servant, a paralyzed man and a withered hand – “None of these would qualify for Medicare benefits, so those folks didn’t have anything to lose.”

Calming the storm – “Expert meteorologists explained things get quiet when the eye of the hurricane passes over.”

Giving two blind men their sight back – “Obviously, they were blind until the saw the light and switched political parties.”

Feeding 5,000 men and their families with fish and bread – “Things like this just encourage people to expect hand-outs at the expense of the rest of us who work hard.”

Walking on water – “Did anyone check the temperature that day? Reliable sources in the area that day report the lake was frozen.”

Healing a deaf man with a speech impediment – “That guy was probably a (Republican/Democrat) you take your pick. It was time he heard the real truth.”

Healing a man born blind – “That was obviously because he was raised (Republican/Democrat).” You take your choice.

Healing 10 lepers – “A reliable source reported this week disclosed all of them were out-of-work actors, and were being paid to play those parts.

Cursing the fig tree with no fruit – “This national agriculture disaster was caused by the farm bill passed while the other party had control of Congress.”

Restoring the severed ear – “We have other witnesses who said he scratched his ear on a bush, it was only bleeding and not really cut off.”

The ascension of Jesus – “Have you noticed only those witnesses in his political party were on hand to see him pull this off?”

What an imagination! We hope you enjoy trout fishing, roping, golf, hiking, gardening or just any other activity which will make your summer special.

Stay healthy and we’ll write again next week.


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