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The biggest craft distilling trend of 2020 is hand sanitiser

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Trend sanitiser Hand 2020 Distilling

<b>Prohibition Liquor Co Hand Sanitiser</b><br>
Price: Free with a bottle of gin. Take a look at ...

<b>Archie Rose Distilling Hand Sanitiser</b><br>
Price: $20. Order from

<b>Manly Spirits Hand Sanitiser with Gin Aroma</b><br>
Price: $75 for 10 x 100ml. Find it at

<b>Granddad Jack's Liquid Hand & Surface Sanitiser
Price: From $8.50. Take a look at

<b>Four Pillars Heads, Tails & Clean Hands

Prie: $40. From

<b>Husk Distillers Liquid Sanitiser</b><br>
Price: $10. Available instore only. For more information check out their ...

<b>Mr Black Hand Sanitiser</b><br>
Price: $19.95. Take a look at

Finders Distillery Hand Sanitiser</b><br>
Price: $12. Buy it at

<b>Lord Byron Distillery Hand Sanitiser</b><br>
Price: $2. Order it at

Hot on the heels of pink gin and single malt whisky comes craft sanitiser, the distilling trend of 2020.

Distillers Australia-wide are deploying their high proof spirit for this more utilitarian purpose in the face of widespread shortages due to COVID-19.

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"If you'd told me this time last year that hand sanitiser would be our 'viral' product we couldn't keep in stock during 2020, I would have thought you were crazy," said Tom Baker, co-founder of the popular coffee liqueur, Mr Black.

Manly Spirits have launched their own hand sanitiser.

Manly Spirits have launched their own hand sanitiser. Photo: Supplied

"The demand for hand sanitiser has been extraordinary. We have ten employees full-time in production at the distillery, including redeploying people from other roles in the business.

"Today, our global brand ambassador is taping up boxes. It's keeping a local business in business."

Pivotal enterprise

Baker said hand sanitiser has been "a useful distraction" from the havoc that COVID-19 has wreaked on his business.

"We've been able to help hospitals, medical centres, COVID clinics and people with terminal illness. It's been one of the most rewarding things we've done as a company," he said.

"But our export orders for Mr Black have gone to zero – it's like someone flicked a switch. We were on fire in the United States, and to watch that all go up in flames has been heartbreaking.

"While retail numbers are encouraging – roughly double previous months – the loss of the bar industry has hurt. It's 60 per cent of our business."


Supportive purchasing

Baker said one in six consumers who purchase sanitiser online are choosing to purchase a bottle of one of Mr Black's other products.

"I think the emotional experience of supporting a small Australian distillery is definitely playing a part in people's purchasing," he said.

In 2020, it seems getting hold of sanitiser is about as difficult as finding a toilet paper hookup.

Bottles of Prohibition gin now come with a complimentary hand sanitiser.

Bottles of Prohibition gin now come with a complimentary hand sanitiser. Photo: Supplied Get in fast

At the time of writing, you can still freely purchase Archie Rose's Rye Malt Whisky, declared World's Best Rye at the World Whiskies Awards 2020 last week.

But good luck getting your hands on the distiller's sanitiser, three batches of which have sold out almost instantly.

"We're continuing to work around the clock to have more ready to pre-sale as soon as ingredients and packaging becomes available," Archie Rose said on Wednesday.

"Thanks to your overwhelming show of support, we've been able to re-deploy our 20-plus hospitality employees to the bottling line following the shutdown of our bar."

Flying off the shelf

In Melbourne, The Gospel Distillers quickly sold out two batches of its 'Whiskey Wash' sanitiser, containing a component of aged spirit the company decided was not up to snuff.

"When I say it's reject spirit, some people probably would have bottled it and sold it, and priced it as a single cask release," said The Gospel co-founder Andrew Fitzgerald.

"But we just weren't happy with it, so we thought, 'let's just bleed it through this sanitiser at a small rate', so that's what we're doing."

Not all squeaky clean

Launching the product online, Fitzgerald slammed the practices of some unscrupulous operators he believes are buying up sanitiser in bulk, and selling it to essential services at a profit.

"Unlike some, we will not be profiting off of this terrible situation our community finds itself in," Fitzgerald said.

He said that similarly to other distilleries, revenue from The Gospel's sanitiser is helping him keep staff in their jobs.  

"Other than covering costs of goods and labour, all profits will go to a fund to support hospitality personnel left out of work," he said.

A fifth pillar

Meanwhile, Four Pillars Gin has launched a pre-sale for its consumer sanitiser offering, Heads, Tails & Clean Hands.

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